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Our oils are sourced from overseas, ensuring quality fragrances that last the entire day. Staying true to our South African roots, we bottle, package and distribute our perfumes locally. Our aim is to provide high-end designer generics to the public at affordable prices. Find in Stores Shop Now

Join our franchise!

Monthly orders of 1000 or more are eligible to get up to 25% off our current bottle prices.

Personalised branding and packaging is also available at an extra cost. Our in-house graphic designer will do a brand development profile for you and your company.

We charge stock prices for printing and packaging, having researched over 50 companies over the past year and have narrowed down 2 companies for printing and packaging. These Proudly South African comapanies excel and fit into our four core values: quality, affordability, efficiency and customer service.

From Year End Functions to Secretaries Day, we offer the complete VIP experience for your staff. Since scent is the strongest tie to memory we give your staff an delightful experience which allows each person to be takenon a sense-indulgent journey.

This in-office experience includes an individual smell journey in which each of the staff can choose their own perfume or cologne accompanied with a massage, chocolate, some quiet music and a glass of bubbly (non-alcoholic available)

This event takes place on a Monday, and the fragrances will be delivered on a Friday.
According to studies, Mondays are best for “getting out of work” for an hour or two, and gifts on a Friday increase serotonin and therefor will increase productivity for up to two weeks.

*For Year-End Fuctions, fragrances will be given as a gift at the function

Retail stores have the opportunity to stock and sell our products at a 100% mark-up at all of their stores. We are currently exclusve to beauty stores, such as nail studios, hair salons and designer clothing boutiques.

Our large base of customers are always looking for stores closer to them, so there is also an opportunity for customer growth for retailers stocking Chaos Perfume.

First order buyers get exclusive deals not available to anyone else. We are constantly updating our range so our clients will always be kept up to date on new fragrances samples and monthly promotions.

Full training on our range is also provided and clients are not eigible to pay for set-up or exhibition stand fees.

Why choose Chaos Perfumes?

Premium Quality

Our fragrances are made using the highest quality of oils from overseas. Every ingredient we use has been tested and checked to ensure consistency.


Our products are guaranteed to last at least 4 – 6 hours. We have created a formula that ensures the lasting smell of our fragrances so you can take on your day to the fullest.


Our mission is to provide you with fragrances inspired by designer perfumes. We realise that many fragrance-lovers can’t afford expensive fragrances, thus we offer our products at the most affordable price possible.

Proudly South African

Although we use ingredients from other parts of the world, our fragrances are made, bottled and distributed in South Africa. We are proud of our heritage as a South African Company.

Wide Range

We stay updated on the latest trends in the designer fragrance industry. This way, we are able to produce a wide and relevant range of alternative perfumes.

Loads of Opportunity

We are always looking for people to join our team! To find out more about how to become a reseller for Chaos Perfumes, click here.

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How To Make An Order?

  • 1. Select your fragrance

    Browse our website and find a fragrance that you think will suit you the best.

  • 2. Add it to your cart

    Add all the products you want to your cart. You can order as many as you like!

  • 3. Complete the checkout process

    If you are finished browsing, head over to the checkout page and complete your order.

  • 4. Enter your shipping address

    We then need your address so we know where to send your order to. Enter it once we request it.

  • 5. Wait for your order to arrive!

    That’s it! Now you just have to wait a couple of days and our orders will be at your doorstep in no time.

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